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A Message From Our Men’s Captain

Dooks Golf Club Mens Captain

My golfing career started in  2001 when I was in my early thirties. Why did I leave it so late? Well, it could be said that I was a bit of a sceptic at first. I guess I subscribed to the notion that golf was ‘a good walk wasted’. In my younger days I occupied my free time with kicking the odd ball and was big into to cars. Nowadays,  I’d probably be called a boyracer. I also enjoyed photography, which I hope to get back into at some stage.  But grown men hammering a little white ball over the hills and valleys of Kerry didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

However, with my Dad’s involvement in the game, it was inevitable that I would eventually dip my toes in the water. And when I did, everything changed. The drug, that is golf, sucked me into  a passionate embrace, and it would never again loosen its grip. I discovered that golf is not just a game – it’s a way of life. I soon experienced the exhilaration of sinking a twenty foot putt and the utter frustration of missing a ‘tap-in’.  But golfers soon learn to accept that there are good days and bad days, and the prospect of reaching the high standard we will never achieve, keeps driving us on.

But my passion wasn’t just confined to the game of golf. It had also much to do with the place I felt privileged to call my home club. There are many great golf clubs in Ireland, but none more special than mystical Dooks. And it’s not just because of its unique history, its spectacular setting, or its superb golf course. It’s also about its great members and its unique homely and welcoming atmosphere. Yes, it’s true what they say about Dooks; ‘there are no strangers here, only friends you have yet to meet.’

In December 2023 I was honoured to be appointed Captain of this great club. It is an honour I deeply cherish and one which commits me to do everything in my power to repay the trust of the members who elected me.

We have an exciting calendar of events arranged for our members during 2024 and I look forward to meeting and playing golf with you.

If you are a visitor planning a round in Dooks in 2024 you have a really great treat in store. I guarantee that when you experience our unique welcome, beautiful landscape, and superb course you will want to return to us again and again.

Men’s Club – What’s to enjoy?

  • Weekly competitions for all handicap levels
  • Golf Exchange days where we do a swap and travel to other clubs to play their courses. Courses include Ballybunnion, Tralee, Killarney, Killorglin & Beaufort
  • Captains weekend trip away. This is a weekend where our Captain chooses the destination. We play golf, enjoy a meal and stay overnight. It’s a fun and social occasion for all our members
  • Seniors Golf. We have a large and vibrant seniors section. (60 years +)


There is nothing like being part of a team! There are teams available for all handicap levels and we sincerely encourage all men to take part.

  • AIG Junior Cup
  • AIG Pierce Purcell Shield
  • AIG Barton Shield
  • AIG Jimmy Bruen Shield
  • Fred Perry Trophy
  • Dr. Billy O’Sullivan Shield
  • JB O’Shea Memorial Shield
  • Senior Kingdom Challenge Shield
  • Intermediate Kingdom Challenge Shield
  • Irish Mixed Foursomes
ILGU champions 2015

All-Ireland Irish Mixed Foursomes Champions 2015

Dooks Captain' Away Trip

Dooks Captain’s Away Trip

Men’s Captain’s Profile

When did you first start playing golf?

I first started playing golf in 2001.

What is your favourite course?

Besides Dooks, my favourite golf course is Waterville.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the game of golf?

To encourage younger people to take up the game & keep them interested long term.

What do you like most about golf?

It’s a very inclusive game that gives people of every ability the  chance to compete and win.

What was your highest and what was your lowest handicap?

My highest handicap was 21 and my lowest was 10.

Can you remember your best golf shot?

It was probably the hole in one I got on the 13th in Dooks. It was just a casual round with a great friend of mine who retired from golf and is unwell at the moment.

Can you remember your worst golf shot?

Too many to mention; between shanks, slices, and the odd hook thrown in.

Who is your favourite sportsperson? Why?

Probably Jack Nicklaus, with all he achieved, he was still very down to earth and friendly with spectators.

What piece of advice would you offer anyone thinking of taking up the game of golf or just starting out?

Get a few lessons from a professional, it can be very helpful, and practice, practice, practice.

What is your favourite golfing memory?

Lots of good golfing memories, but in recent times probably winning the Club Championship Mixed foursomes with my good wife Gemma (who played all the golf).