2019 Junior Diary






Saturday 5th January Drive In N/A 10.30-12.30
Friday 22nd February Mid Term Competition N/A 11.00-13.00
Monday 15th April Easter Egg Competition N/A 12.00-14.00
Saturday 25th May Junior Competition N/A 16.00-17.30
Saturday 8th June President’s Prize to Juniors N/A 16.00-17.30
Monday 15th July Boys Junior League N/A 11.30-13.00
Thursday 18th July Junior Captain’s Prize N/A 15.00-16.30
Thursday 25th July Lady Captain’s Prize to Juniors N/A 15.00-16.30
Thursday 8th August Junior Competition N/A 15.00-16.30
Tuesday 13th August Kerry Girls N/A 11.30-13.00
Thursday 15th August Mens Captain’s Prize to Juniors N/A 15.00-16.30
Tuesday 20th August Junior Competition N/A 11.00-13.00
Thursday 31st October Halloween Competition N/A 11.00-13.00
Saturday 7th December Christmas Hamper N/A 10.30-12.30